Rural arts and Culture Program
The Art of Economic Development: Community Colleges for Creative Economies by Stuart Rosenfeld, Regional Technology Strategies
This white paper and conference report of a 2005 Ashville, North Carolina conference addresses contemporary efforts of leading community colleges in crafting strategies which bring creative enterprises, workers, and communities together. Reflections and recommendations and benchmark practice web links offer insights and access to other resources.

Arts & Culture Economic Development Took Kit
Increasing Economic Benefit Through Arts & Cultural Projects
, by Michael Evans
A 7-page guide commissioned by the Rural Arts & Culture Program to give arts and cultural organizations practical ideas about how to look at their projects and activities as contributing to economic development efforts.

Cultural Economic Development:
A Practical Guide for Communities, by Neeta Delaney
A general road map growing from Delaney's experience and lessons learned from the Armory Park Arts Project, Jackson, MI. Armory Park will transform a 147 square foot former industrial complex into a mixed use development of affordable live work space for artists, community, nonprofit and commercial; all related to cultural activities.

Economic Development America
A quarterly journal produced through the Economic Development Information Coalition providing information about economic development practices and programs to practitioners who serve distressed communities throughout the United States. Rural focused articles and creative and cultural strategies are often included. Subscription information and back issues are available at: - click on the EDIC link or search on the title

Examples include:
"New Directions in Rural Economic Development" -- focus of a 31-page Summer 2004 issue.

"Broadband Access in Rural Areas" -- article in Spring 2005

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship in rural America" -- article in Winter 2005

Strengthening Rural Economies through the Arts
An NGA Center for Best Practices Issue Brief (National Governors Association)
This 23-page new report (August 2005) identifies initiatives from many states which harness creative assets to revitalize rural regions and improve their ability to compete in the new economy.

Your Community Culture: an informal guide to discovery
A 12-page workbook designed to utilize in identifying cultural resources within communities as a starting point for community asset planning. Discovering community is an active process. This guide is intended to help community-planning processes to discover a new view of their community as a foundation for future action. This version was adapted, with permission, from Sensing Place: A Guide to Community Culture, a 1995 publication of the Maine Arts Commission.