Rural arts and Culture Program
Gladwin Area Friends of the Theatre

Gladwin Theatre
The Gladwin Area Friends of the Theatre is recruiting new and youthful members to its organization to ensure its continued existence. During 2006, workshops were provided in acting/stage direction, costuming and props, technical sound and lighting, set construction and design. A childrens theater production benefited the youth of Gladwin County and encouraged youth involvement in community theater. Workshops and a Childrens Theatre production will continue yearly.

Collaborators include Gladwin City Council, Gladwin Council for the Arts, DeShano Construction, Gladwin City Administrator, Gladwin Community Education along with local individual citizens and service groups.

Gladwin Theatre

Photos courtesy of project.

For additional information, contact:
Karre Ballard
4308 Gedney Rd.
Gladwin, MI 48624
(989) 426-5571 or (989) 426-3075 (4-6 p.m.)
Gladwin County