Rural arts and Culture Program
Artist Statement
House of Dreams"For a long time I was a bead artist, but felt a powerful need to be able to experiment more freely with color and to fill bigger spaces! I am drawn to the brilliant pigments in soft pastels. My recent work combines pastels and acrylic media (most often just transparent acrylic medium) to achieve impasto effects as well as vibrant color. "

Jennifer moved to pastel work some years ago when her sister gave her pastels as a gift. Jennifer began exploring pastels -- working the entire night into the morning -- and "found her medium."

House of DreamsAbout the Artist
Artist Jennifer Daryl Slack is also Associate Professor of Communication and Cultural Studies at Michigan Technological University. Jennifer has been active for many years on the Board of Directors of the Copper Country Community Arts Council. This board has over the last few years seen an idea for a community arts council grow into a major facility in downtown Hancock which has a gallery and gift shop as well as classroom, studio and meeting space. Dr. Slack has served as a jury member for the Isle Royal Artists in the Park for 8 years. This unique residency provides a wonderful retreat residency for artists who dialogue with Park visitors and leave an artwork representative of their this wilderness area and their experience.

House of DreamsHouse of Dreams
Poem:House Dreams
I dream of houses, buildings, structures
sometimes familiar, sometimes superficiality.

They often pose as choices to be made
reflect inner struggles
challenge complacency or superficiality.

House dreams are not just metaphors
for inner states or life choices. They
look out (and back)
with powers of their own.

Once I dreamt of a house
I had never seen
but did in fact come later to live in.