Rural arts and Culture Program
House of Dreams Garden Detail
The Ingham County Arts Commission and the Ingham County Fair partnered in this project which brought together professional and student artists, and community residents to conceive of the images, design and paint the mural. The "Murinal" remained a landmark at the fairgrounds for over a decade but has now been painted out.
House of Dreams South & West Views
The "Murinal" a 1981 community arts project created a mural around the four sides of a bathroom building at the Ingham County Fairgrounds. Known as "the murinal" this community artwork depicted the Mason County rural countryside of farmland and wetlands, the Mason county courthouse, and the fairgrounds.
House of Dreams Cow Detail
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opportunities with visible results
The Popular Arts Workshop (PAW), a community muralist group provided the artistic direction and promoted the success of the project as an opportunity to employ artists and others in community beautification.
Gary Andrews - PAW Artist
Julie Nicol (Avery) Ingham County Arts Commissioner, project leader.