Rural arts and Culture Program
Senior Tradition Bearers

Senior Tradition Bearers
Wheatland Music Organization's mission is to serve as a resource center for the preservation and presentation of traditional music and arts. In 2000 a project called "Sharing The Legacy" identified rural traditional artists who had learned their art-form from their elders or their community across the counties of Clare, Lake, Mecosta, Missaukee, Montcalm, Newaygo, Osceola, and Wexford. The twenty artists, including a square dance caller, accordian, harmonica, banjo and other musicians, tatter, herbalist, antler carver, lace maker, quilt makers and others, were featured at a country fair at Wheatland Music Organization and was made free to the public. The artists hosted displays, gave demonstrations, showed their collections, and made presentations. The artists and their traditions were documented in "Sharing the Legacy" that was distributed at the fair and to area libraries and schools.

Senior Tradition Bearers
Additional supporters included Verizon/GTE Foundation, Humanities Council of West Michigan, Premiere Printing of Plainwell, Michigan State University/Michigan Traditional Arts Program, Chippewa Hills Community Education, Osceola Economic Alliance, Reed City Community Education, Lois Hartzler, and Clare County/Hayes Senior Dining Center.

Photos courtesy of project.

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